Athlete, Parent, and Coach Testimonials

We work pretty hard to make sure our athletes are having a blast and getting big results in the gym!  So when we hear positive feedback from some of our hard working teens and pre-teens, it helps reaffirm all our efforts.  Check out what some of our athletes have said about our programs and workouts over the years!

“The thing I liked most about this summer was that the difference between going to the Y and going to AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover). The trainers pushed me harder than I ever thought I could. I also liked the fact that we worked out as a team. I liked that we were challenged with learning new weight lifting skills and going for PR’s (personal records) while under the watchful eye of our trainer. I liked that every session we do is different and our bodies are always guessing what we will do next.” - Izzy Ugarte - Delone VB/BB/Track & Field, Loyola University Track & Field

“I liked the workouts and different objects we worked with. I also liked the trainers like Dan and Joel. I was sore a little but after workouts it was worth it! I can’t wait to come next year!” - Taylor Lescalleet

“Taylor enjoyed and benefited immensly from this program. Being one of the youngest in her group, she felt included and challenged. She shared her wrokout with us each day and came home with a positive attitude. She understands completely the importance of giving 100% and understands that this type of program will reap the benefits in the years to come in her athletic career at Delone Catholic. Thank you Dan and Staff!” – Anna Lescalleet

“I like how much stronger I’ve gotten since the camp first started. I feel a lot more prepared for my upcoming tennis season that I ever have before! Thank you!” – Anna Kaufmann

“I like that Bryan made working out fun.” – Beau Deatrick

“AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) gave me the ability to push myself. It has taught me self discipline and given me the motivation to push myself that one extra step. Not only has it given me physical power on the court but mental power as well.” – Maria, Delone BB, Juanita Basketball

“I got to get to know the people on my team a lot more and did a lot more stuff with the team. I liked how every workout you had to push yourself and try your hardest. I also liked how the workouts were split between groups and individual work. Having the skill session also helped a lot because it made sure we were all lifting the weight with good technique and not messing anything up. I liked how the skill workout got us ready for the main workout.” – Ashley Griffin, Delone FH, BB, Track & Field, Hood College FH, Swimming

“Very motivating form of training. Ashley loves the training and looks forward to her training date. I really witnessed a difference in the girls basketball summer scrimmage.” – Ashley's Parents

“Coming in as a freshman it was nice to get to know the older girls personally. AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) really helped to improve my fitness and conditioning throughout the summer. This summer was really difficult for me but I had so much fun. Hope to be back next year.” – Tori

“I liked the level of professionalism and concern for safety. When Tori was having problems with her knees they immediately referred us to a trainer for care.” – Tori’s Parents

“I liked how this camp helped me build up my strength and endurance! I feel like it really made a big difference. I’m proud to say that I will actually be in shape for preseason! All the trainers are very nice and encouraging and will not let you quit. I really enjoyed this camp.” – Sarah

“I like how Dan pushed us to do what we didn’t think was possible. The exercises and WOD’s we did I liked much better than just working out. All the girls were fun to compete against and talk to during the workouts. I liked how much I saw myself improve over the summer.” – Molly

“I liked seeing myself getting stronger. I know that this will really help me in my very first field hockey preseason, and that I know I will be able to keep up better. At first, I found CrossFit very hard, and I wasn’t pushing myself very hard; but I kept coming back and kept pushing myself every time. I am really glad that I decided to do AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) and I would definitely keep workout out year-round or during the offseason.” – Emma

“I feel our daughters received excellent care and motivation from Dan. Dan helped the girls reach deep within themselves to go beyond what they thought they could achieve.” – Sarah, Molly, and Emma’s Parents

“At the beginning of the summer I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Once I came in and did it I couldn’t wait to come back! I love it at AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover). I get pushed over limits and do things I never thought I could. It is a lot of hard work but you have fun and get to meet new people and make friends. I feel so much better with myself and the way my body performs. I want to work out all the time now. Thank you so much Dan for everything! This summer was way more than a workout experience – it was so much fun. We had a lot of good times and I made a lot of new friends. I feel better about myself and I have a different attitude towards things. I have a much better outlook on things in life!” – Erika Gregory

“We did not know what to expect when we signed our daughter up for the summer camp. This was our first experience with AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) and we signed our daughter up after a friend recommended it. Our daughter was not really excited about going at first. Half way through the summer she said to me, ‘Mom, thank you for signing me up for camp.’ She feels better about her overall health and body. This camp experience has been better than expected. We will continue to come throughout the year. Thank you Dan for doing a great job.” – Erika Gregory’s Parents

“What I liked about the camp was that it gets me ready for my winter sport and keeps me in shape for my all year around sport. I liked how you didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and pushed me and the others until we were dead dog tired. I also enjoyed how we portioned the hour out. Like for example, the lifting training and then the actual workout. I think that the camp is great and that it really helps me, with my sports and physical appearance. I wouldn’t change a thing.” – Natalie Cutright, Dover Softball, James Madison University Softball

“I thought that the program was very good. The three days a week worked out great, Natalie was focused and really enjoyed it. It helped her with her running and upper body strength for throwing. We thought the program was great.” - Dave and Lori Cutright

“I liked this camp because I learned new ways to stay in shape for my sports. Also, it made me a better athlete. I liked that it made me stronger and faster.” – Kayla Resh

“It gave my daughter more confidence that she can do what she sets her mind to do. That she can push herself harder.” – Kayla Resh’s Parents

“I liked how you had to push yourselves and your teammates! I have definitely gained endurance that has shown in summer league basketball. I also liked how everyone was carefully watched when we were lifting so we could push ourselves in weight, but not get hurt. I really enjoyed AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) and definitely am going next year. I already started telling my friends they are coming next year!” – Ally Shipley, Delone Basketball

“AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) was a wonderful experience for my daughter. In addition to keeping her in shape, she learned to be an overall healthier person.” – Jeff & Holly Shipley

“I like the way it challenged me to make myself better. I like that it helped me to get stronger and more in shape. Even though the workouts were tough, I liked doing them because I know it will benefit me in the long run.” – Madison Trone

“I feel that my daughter definitely benefited from the AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) camp this summer. She learned the correct way to work out while still enjoying her time at the camp. Dan and his staff were great! The camp was definitely worth the money spent.” – Morgan Trone’s Parents

“I liked AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) because it made our team a lot closer. We communicated a lot easier on the court because we were used to talking during the workouts. When we did play actual games we were in shape and could focus on playing and not staying in pace with the game because of AYSP.” – Katelyn Thomas

“Katelyn’s conditioning was much better this summer because of AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover). She could play for longer amounts of time and looks much stronger. She is also much stronger around the basket and stronger with her movement.” – Katelyn Thomas’s Parents

“I like that after every workout, I feel as though I accomplished something. Even after the very first workout, I felt stronger and healthier. The workouts got harder, making everyone push themselves more and more each day. I definitely see results and I am glad I participated in AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) this summer.” – Morgan Trone

“I like that we are always pushed to work harder each time we go. The variety that we do each day also makes it much more fun. I also feel that AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) really improved mine but the whole teams physical and mental toughness and the program brought us more together as a group.”

“I like how the trainers make you keep working. I like how every day we do something different.. it’s not always the same workout every day.”

“I liked the running which made me faster in the outfield. I also liked the kettlebell bat swings and the speed ladder. I am stronger which will help me in the upcoming season.” - Conrad Miller

“I thought that it was unique that the camp used simple things like tires and a heavy hammer to build endurance and pinpoint muscles used specifically for baseball.” – Conrad Miller’s Parents

“I noticed this year that the seniors that enrolled in this camp last year were proven leaders and had enhanced their game. This year, my school baseball team and senior legion team were both in distructs and one win away from going to the state tournament. AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) is fun and it improves your skill.” – Sawyer Brown

“We liked that he was challenged physically while enjoying the camaraderie of his baseball teammates. Our son speaks highly of Coach Bryan, and has learned lots about physical fitness.” – Sawyer Brown’s Parents

“I liked pretty much all of it. It definitely improved my batting skills ’cause I’ve been getting hard solid hits almost everytime. And before AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) it would be rare. It also improved my mental strength when situations got harder. My speed has also improved ’cause I’ve beaten a lot of baseballs out when I was running to first base on a hit. Bryan also made the workouts fun.” – Scotty Bartell

“Improved strength, speed, and mental endurance when things get tough. “Example – in 100 degree weather, he held up when most others did not. Also, when the presure was on he got through it with ease. I think you are doing a great job, so whatever you do for the kids I know you’re doing to improve their skills.” – Scotty Bartell’s Parents

“I enjoy team workouts because I feel they bring us closer together. I like that we’re pushed during our workouts, but the results are worth it. The trainers are knowledgeable and know what they’re doing. They make me feel comfortable during my time there.” – Kate Shanaghan

“Being encouraged by everyone to become stronger, more in shape, and more confident. I enjoyed learning how to do more exercises.” – Elise Knobloch

“I have seen changes in her strength and some positive improvement in endurance. I would like to discuss continuing throughout the year.” – Elise Knobloch’s Parents

“I love going to AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) because I feel I can’t get a workout like this anywhere else. I like the fact that I am workout out with my team because it helps our communication. AYSP has already helped me so much with my strength, conditioning, and mental toughness. The workouts are awesome and I always feel like I’m getting something out of my workouts. It’s hard work but yet still a lot of fun.” – Abbey

“I must admit that we were a little hesitant about signing Abbey up for the program because all we heard about was that they “rolled tractor tires.” But we are very glad we did as it has helped her a lot in not just strength but self confidence as well! She really enjoyed the program, looked forward to going, and never complained (and never flipped a tractor tire!)! Thank you for a positive, mind and body strengthening summer!” – Abbey’s Parents

“This year at AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) I improved my strength and agility. And thanks to CrossFit our team became much closer and we learned to never give up. This camp was great and nothing really needed to be improved” – Maddie Comly, Delone VB/BB/Track & Field

“I was really impressed with the individual attention and concern that the instructors/trainers had for my daughter – especially with such a large group of girls. It was a great experience – thanks!” – Maddie Comly’s Parents

“This camp made me feel a sense of accomplishment after every workout. I also think that it brought the team closer. We learned how to work as a group through a lot of difficult situations. I know that my strength has improved since being AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover). Thanks for everything!” – Paige “Pedro” Becker

“One of my favorite things about AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) is the group workouts because I pushed myself harder than I would have if I was alone. I knew my team was depending on me so I had to finish fast. I also liked the different skills we learned. I liked the variety.” - Bethany Ball

“AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) is THE best place to train at and they have top of the line trainers there and they push you to the max. They put me through the best workouts this summer and I’m in the best shape of my life right now. I want to thank Dan and Bryan for working me out this summer and I’ll definitely be back for more.” – Austin Noel

“Plain and simple. AYSP (then CrossFit Hanover) is the BOMB! All the hard work you put in is well worth it in the end. It makes you a better athlete and a better person. Thanks to all the trainers!” – Brett Collins

“CFH!!! what would I do without it? Doubles r going 2 b a lot easier because of these tough workouts. I ain’t gonna lie, sometimes I hated them, but once ur done, it’s an amazing feeling. Thanks to Dan, Brian, and Heather for pushing us passed our breaking point 2 become a better athlete.” – Hayden Bell

*There is a notation in many of the testimonials that reads "then CrossFit Hanover" - prior to opening our own facility and remaining the gym Adams-York Sports Performance, AYSP operated out of CrossFit Hanover and offered a similar Strength & Conditioning Program.  Same awesome program, different awesome facility!