Summer Camps at AYSP!!

ATTENTION Athletes, Parents and Coaches!!

If you know anything about AYSP, you know that we offer a HUGE summer program every year.  We've been doing it since 2009, and were the first gym in the area to offer anything of this type!  We've grown every year since we started, and are proud to say that we help more than 100 athletes every summer stay active, get stronger, build confidence, make friends, and have FUN while learning about functional movements, sports performance, and much more!  

(Our 1st Camp - Wrestling Specific, 2009.  Hard to believe these young men are all grown adults now!)

We've run full team camps with 35+ athletes, sports specific camps, college preparatory camps, gender specific camps, and co-ed GPP (General Physical Preparedness) camps.  We've done it all, with an innovative approach that has kept our athletes coming back!  

This year, we will follow suit and come up with some really dynamic programs for our athletes - we're going to have a few new events this year to really help our athletes develop not only as athletes, but as people.  Here's what we'll have going on in addition to our expertly designed Strength & Conditioning Programming:

  • AYSP Athlete Fundraiser - We're going to come up with a list of potential fundraiser ideas for our athletes to participate in and we'll let them vote on the ones they feel are the most worthwhile.. then we'll let them vote on a fundraiser idea.  We'll pick a date or range of dates and let them rock and roll!  This will 1) let them get involved and make decisions on something that will impact others, and 2) give them a project to keep them engaged and thinking about giving back.  *Don't worry mom and dad, this isn't going to be a typical sports fundraiser where you have an "opt out" option, and we aren't going to ask your athlete to solicit everyone at your place of business for money.  It's going to be fun, light hearted, and optional.

  • AYSP Team Building RUCK - Ever hear of Rucking?  It's pretty simple.  Rucking is simply walking with a weighted pack on your back.  I (Dan) compete in GORUCK events which are lengthy team building events where you carry a ruck along with other items, called "coupons", and complete tasks with a group of other people.  We will hold our own Ruck this summer and the athletes will be pushed to find their limits and expand upon them!  We'll have a shorter ruck for our younger athletes and a longer ruck for our older athletes.  This is a blast and I promise that your athlete will walk away feeling stronger, more confident, and with much greater personal potential than before they started.  

  • Sports Nutrition Seminar - Our in house nutrition expert, Coach Ashley, will hold a few sports nutrition talks that will be open to parents and athletes who wish to prioritize their performance by making healthy choices outside the gym.  Don't worry, this isn't going to be a "eat grilled chicken and broccoli" talk that you can read in a pamphlet at your doctor office - it'll be a realistic, modern age approach to improving your performance through nutritional planning.  

  • Video Series for Injury Prevention - We will release a weekly video, via email, with a video and description of an at-home workout that will help to reduce injury risk. We will work hand in hand with our friends at Wellspan Sports Medicine to complete and produce these videos.  This will be an awesome addition to our already comprehensive program!

  • All athletes who participate in the camp (regardless of registration date) WILL get a T-SHIRT.  We've been awful about this in the past.  I am truly sorry.  Being inundated with other work items has caused me to drop the ball - this is not an excuse.  We have raised our game, though, and will make sure EVERY registered athlete gets a t-shirt for the summer camp, within the first 3 weeks of camp.  If we don't, we'll give you $20.  

  • Our SUMMER CAMP REFERRAL program - this is real simple.  If you've done a camp with us before, you're on a list.  If a new athlete registers for our 2017 Summer Camp and lists you as the person who sent them to us, you'll get a point.  Points can be redeemed for items in our retail area (t-shirts, protein supplements, hats, headbands, etc.)  If you get a certain number of points, we're going to double your points.  Boom.  Bring your friends - it's more fun working out with your buddies, anyway!

(Delone Girls Basketball players learning power clean progressions in our 1st Week - what an awesome group!)

In the years past, we've offered camps at various times throughout the day to suit different athletes schedules.. and we plan to do the same thing this year.  However, this year we'll have a few different options available for those who really struggle with their schedule.  We'll offer the following camps (times are TBD):

  • College Prep - This one was really popular this past year - to participate in this camp you have to either have been selected to participate on an intercollegiate sports team or meet certain criteria that would make you an appropriate fit for this high level, demanding type of program.  We will require all interested athletes fill out an application to be accepted into the program.  

  • Boys GPP Camp - This will be available to all boys who are either entering high school or are in high school and will provide all the fundamentals required to participate in ANY sport - we will work to develop strength, power, muscular/cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, mental toughness, and teamwork/leadership.

  • Girls GPP Camp - This will be available to all girls who are either entering high school or are in high school and will provide all the fundamentals required to participate in ANY sport - we will work to develop strength, power, muscular/cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, mental toughness, and teamwork/leadership.

  • Youth CO-ED GPP - This will be available for all incoming 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders who wish to stay active, get stronger, and improve their fitness before heading into their fall sports seasons!  We'll make this camp fun but challenging so our athletes improve all aspects of their fitness, as well as gaining leadership skills, mental toughness, and social skills.  

  • Team Camps - As always, we love working with full teams of athletes!  This summer, we will be inviting 3 teams to participate in a full team athlete training program that will be extremely sport specific, so as to help an entire team raise their game and get ready for an upcoming season.  Times and days will be based on availability, and this is a first come, first serve program.  For more information, check out our team training program page and contact us to set up a time for us to come talk to your team, parents, athletes, and coaching staff!

Getting excited already, are ya?  We are too!  We've never sent out info this early before our Summer Camps, but we can't WAIT to meet our new athletes and work with our returning athletes.  This will be our best summer yet, GUARANTEED! 


In the next month or so, we'll have an online registration form set up for those who wish to get signed up for this Summer's program.  We'll also have our schedule listed so you can determine which camp/timeslot will work best for your athlete.  Instead of having to check back when those items are live on our new website, click here to sign up for email alerts!  We won't bug you about anything else - we'll just send you our upcoming sports performance camp information.

Questions?  Fill out our contact form and let us know how we can help!  Otherwise, you can comment on this blog post or text me directly at 717-451-5120!

Until next time!

Coach Dan Sell
Head Coach/Owner
Adams-York Sports Performance
A Division of York-Adams Strength & Conditioning, LLC.

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1. Michael Adams wrote:
Interested in the youth camp

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2. Mark Kelley wrote:
Any information regarding the Boy GPP camp.

Fri, January 27, 2017 @ 9:27 PM

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