While we predominantly offer sports performance programming, we have something for everyone. Check out our list of services below, and be sure to contact us with specific questions or to schedule a time to talk about your needs.

Sports Performance

Our Sports Performance program is the heart and soul of Adams-York Sports Performance!  We’re here to train athletes of almost all ages and make them better at their sport(s). Our Strength & Conditioning program is constantly evolving, showing our passion for helping athletes achieve their absolute potential!  Built on a foundation of developing functional strength, we emphasize technique development first and foremost in our training sessions.  Once our athletes have gone through our 4-Session Foundations Program, they can enter group training sessions with confidence knowing that they're moving safely and optimally to boost their performance.  We even offer a Team Training program that helps large groups of athletes raise their game, working together for a fraction of the cost!  

Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer at AYSP will help you stay focused on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You want something? We’ll help you get it, while staying safe, learning about your body, and having FUN! We offer 1-on-1 sessions and semi-private sessions and the first session/consultation is always free.  Reach out to us and let us know how we can help.

AdventureFit Boot Camp

Looking for a high-intensity, heart-pumping, outside-the-box workout designed to prepare you for all of life's challenges?  Look no further!  AdventureFit Boot Camp has turned the traditional "boot camp" fitness class on its ear, proving that you don't need a choreographed dance-based routine to crush your goals and get in the best shape of your life!  We run our AdventureFit Boot Camp program 3-4x/week for 3 months every summer!  Once summer is over, we transition our AFBC participants into CrossFit Hanover's Foundations Program to help them keep their results coming all year long!  Contact us now for more info.


CorpFit is the answer to one of the most important challenges small business owners face - how to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, create a healthier/happier staff, and reduce health insurance costs.  From weekly/monthly corporate team building sessions to full scale corporate fitness programs, AYSP can help your company improve its bottom line by investing in the wellness of your team.  Contact us for more information!

Facility Rental/Batting Cages

AYSP is HUGE! We’ve got plenty of room for sports teams to come in and get work done. We offer full team camps, combines, and everything in between. Whether you’re working with our expert trainers or hosting a clinic and need an indoor facility, we can help you out.  Let us know what you need!

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