Are you consuming a Post Workout Protein Supplement?

This is a pretty hot topic that we find most people don't know enough about, so we are excited to share some info with our readers..

Are YOU consuming a PWO (post workout) protein supplement?

If the answer is "no," you're robbing yourself of the results you work so hard for!  Let us explain some basics..

During strenuous activity, whether you're in the gym or the "field of battle" (athletic competition), your muscles are hard at work to exert force, speed up, slow down, generate power, etc.  During that time, your muscles start to break down, creating micro tears in your muscle fibers.  There is a fairly short window of time, experts say, where your body will synthesize consumed protein to help repair your muscle fibers and recover your body.  If you don't do this, your muscle fibers will remain damaged, or recover at a much slower rate. 

Put simply, if you're working out hard and trying to make substantial gains in developing strength, power, and lean muscle tissue, you're spinning your wheels if you're not taking protein as soon as possible after you exercise.  

At CrossFit Hanover (our sister gym) and Adams York Sports Performance, we sell Earth Fed Muscle Whey Protein to our athletes who wish to maximize their efforts in the gym by consuming a ultra-clean simply made protein.  Their products are made with the purest, highest quality ingredients, and in almost every flavor there are fewer than 5 ingredients.  5 INGREDIENTS!  Go to your local health food store/supplement retailer and try to find ANYTHING that has fewer than 5 ingredients.. you'll die of old age before you find anything.  EFM (Earth Fed Muscle) is the 3rd brand of protein we've sold at our gyms.  The other two were very popular brands in the CrossFit/Sports Performance industry, and are promoted as being super clean and delicious tasting.  EFM out performs and out sells both of these other brands, and it's even less expensive at $45 for 30 servings!  

Pretty awesome stuff.  

In addition to a high quality protein supplement like the ones we sell at our facilities, you should also consider your carbohydrate refueling post-workout.  I know what you're thinking.. I just worked out, why would I want to consume a bunch of carbs..?  Didn't I just sweat my butt off to BURN them?  Well this one is simple logic.  When you exercise, your blood sugar level drops.. thus, you feel fatigued when you're done.  If you don't bring that blood sugar level back to a normal level, that tired feeling will likely linger around. There's some more science behind the reasoning to consume carbs post workout (and sometimes during your workout, too), but we'll get into that in another post.  

So here's the takeaway -

  • You NEED protein after you've worked out.  Bottom line.
  • It should be a quality protein source with very few ingredients.
  • You should probably also get some simple carbs in there with your protein shake - we like EFM Banana Whey Protein with some Tang added for simple carbs.. mmmmm!
  • Adams-York Sports Performance and CrossFit Hanover both sell Earth Fed Muscle protein, creatine, and gelatin for folks interested in prioritizing their health and maximizing their efforts in and out of the gym.
  • Yes, you can buy mega cheap protein from Walmart, GNC (bargain bin stuff), or online.. but bear in mind that the amount of protein they claim to have in each serving may be inflated by fillers, or lesser quality protein.  Some big companies will do anything to save a buck and capitalize on unknowing customers.  EFM is a local company out of Reading, PA. Within weeks of us trying their products, their owners reached out to us personally to introduce themselves and find out what we thought about their products.  They're athletes themselves.  This is all meaningful to us, so we're proud to promote their line of supplements.  If you want to purchase EFM supplements, text me (Dan Sell) at 717-451-5120 and I'll meet you at the gym to tell you more and to get you set up.  

Be on the lookout for another blog post in the near future!  Thanks for taking a few moments out of your day to scan through our very first entry!  

Committed to your Fitness Success,

Coach Dan Sell
Owner/Head Trainer
CrossFit Hanover
Adams-York Sports Performance
Divisions of York-Adams Strength & Conditioning, LLC.

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